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Interface: FaceParams


Parameters of FaceProcessor




Optional backproj: boolean


Optional cache: boolean

Cache computational modules (experimental)

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Optional highP: boolean

Evaluate with higher precision for lips, eyes and irises. When enabled computation is slower, but contours of lips are much more accurate and eye/iris detection is enabled.


Optional mask: MaskParam

Evaluate body segmentation mask. Segmentation mask is a monochrome image where every pixel has value from 0 to 1 denoting the probability of it being a foreground pixel. Default resolution of a segmentation mask is 128x128.


Optional maskExt: number

Extent of a segmentation mask box around detected face box. This fraction of width/height will be added to the face rect on all sides and mask will be evaluated in the extented rect. If undefined segmentation will be done for the whole image.


Optional maskSize: 256 | 192 | 128

Size of a segmentation mask. Available sizes are 256, 192, 128; 256x256 is the default. If maskExt is defined a square mask of maskSize size will be evaluated, otherwise mask size will be adjusted according to aspect ratio preserving the longer side.


Optional metric: boolean

Evaluate metric 3D points - points within 3D space of perspective camera located at the space origin and pointed in the negative direction of the Z-axis. These points can be used to apply texture face mask.


Optional root: string

Root path to computational modules (statically served wasms). The SDK requires access to wasm modules provided within its packages. By default, the root path is the current url "./". Root can be set on Engine#init | Engine initialization.

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token: string

The SDK access token. Mandatory parameter authenticating your user account and providing access to the SDK on the current url. You can create tokens for required urls on your account page. Token must be provided to initialize Engine#init | Engine. More.

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Optional transform: boolean

Evaluate transformation aligning reference face 3D model with the measured one. Applying this transformation one can align 3D object with the current pose (translation+rotation) of the head. If the model's initial position is aligned with the reference face, relative transformation will be preserved